Faberge style Eggs 163 - Glass Ornament Handmade




5 days


Hand-decorated glass eggs. A project inspired by the work of Peter Carl Faberge and made by our Polish artists.

Glass ball in the shape of an oval egg, hand-painted, decorated with matte red - pearl flowers and red stones. The egg is sold without the glass stand shown in the photo.

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HANDMADE IN POLAND - All ornaments from our collection are mouth-blown, hand-made and decorated by polish artists. Polish tradition decorated with a glass ornament has been going on for centuries and to this day it creates masterpieces for every occasion

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UNIQUE GIFTS - each Glass Ornaments is carefully packed in a decorative, black and gold box with a transparent foil windo

SIZE - Ornament Dimensions: 5.1 inches / 12 cm high,

Made of glass
Glitter decoration
Beautiful addition to any holiday décor
The egg is sold without the glass stand shown in the photo.

Faberge style eggs are our company's specialty. We keep improving them throughout the 20 years of our studio's history.
Each egg is unique and unique in its own style. Very meticulous and richly made handmade decorations create a unique, even jewelery work of art. That is why our egg baubles appear not only seasonally on the Christmas tree, but are more and more often an element of year-round interior decoration. Placed on glass stands on a fireplace or chest of drawers, they are an exclusive accent to any interior.

Each Egg is packed in a decorative black and gold box with a transparent lid, which serves as a gift.
Faberge-style eggs are not mass-produced in our studio and each pattern belongs to a limited edition.