Our Design


All of our ornaments are of the highest quality because precision and diligence go into creating each piece. Attention is paid down to the smallest detail. And we know from our clients that they appreciate that quality very much.

For the production and decoration of glass we use materials imported from Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, and USA. The designers and artisans are all with Polish companies and have years of experience.

Customer satisfaction is our primary focus. RS Handmade products add a unique brilliance to every home throughout the holidays and will last for generations to come.

Our Creative Process

RS Handmade has over 20 years of professional experience.

We harness the technical skills and finesse that have been bred and cultivated in Poland for centuries, producing the world’s finest glassblowers, sculptors, mold-makers, painters and decorators. Unlike other manufacturers who use the lowest cost materials they can source from Asia, our artisans work with only the highest quality glass, paints and glitters from Germany, the Czech Republic and other parts of Europe. A single ornament might utilize close to one hundred glass beads. And our technicians are always developing innovative designs and glazes, like those featured in our fabulous new Ladies of the Garden Collection.

RS Handmade has long supplied the best luxury ornament retailers on the market with our creations, and now we are proud to present them to you. From our hand to yours.